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Official Statement On Chris Brown Getting Denied An Overseas Visa+Alycia Bellamy Gets Sheer In The City

Looks like those legal matters of Chris' are preventing him from traveling overseas to the UK and Ireland to do that leg of his Fan Appreciation tour.  He Tweeted that he had to cancel--without explanation--then deleted the Tweet.  But now his PR group has given the official statement.  


Read on for that and pics of his ex alleged jump off--and Angela and Vanessa Simmons' BFF--Alycia Bellamy when you read on...



His PR group states:

Due to issues surrounding his work visa, the Ireland and United Kingdom leg of Chris Brown’s Fan Appreciation Tour has been postponed.  Chris looks forward to performing for his fans abroad in the near future and thanks them for their continued support.


And speaking of Mr. Brown, his alleged ex chick Alycia Bellamy was spotted leaving the Prive Hair Saon in L.A. today.  SInger and the SImmons' sisters BFF (she appeared on their show) got a bit sheer with it:


Alrighty then.



@lovinrir,slaps you

@lovinrir,slaps you virtually.So you're one of the 'bandwagonist' who find limitless excuses for this dunce?WOW,now I have to question your thinking faculties.
xox's picture

No one has to make excuses

No one has to make excuses for him. You're on this site complaining about him on your lunch break and he's out there working hard, earning a living with money in the bank. Who's the dunce exactly?
Anonymous's picture

I like that girls outfit.

I like that girls outfit. Cute style!
Mocha's picture

Anyone who can bask in

Anyone who can bask in someone else's low points in life is sad and needs help. I'm personally praying for this young man. He's a child of God! He needs to just hold tight, pray, and continue to have faith and watch how God is gonna to give him a wonderful testimony for all the world to see. He has a great calling on his life! His story will touch this lives of many! Hang on Chris God is still there! He has the final word not man!! Remember that!
Wisdom's picture

Finally. It was nice to read

Finally. It was nice to read your comment. I hope CB knows that he really does have fans out there who care not only about his music but his well being too. I'm older (30) and I actually became a fan after the fallout b/c I couldn't stand the overwhelming hatred and negativity. I figured: "He must be really talented for them to go this hard on him." So I gave his stuff a listen. He's talented as hell. But the negativity, it continues. He'll be ok. CB just needs to stay prayed up. Please... I don't know how much more of this Beeber kid I can take. Why was he at the BET Awards again?
Peony's picture

Finally someone that has some

Finally someone that has some sense on this post....What he needs is prayer and not idiot stans hating on him every chance they get....Thank you for your comment..it was refreshing..
lovinriri's picture

Yes Lord...Please hold Chris

Yes Lord...Please hold Chris Brown up in prayer because you can tell by his tweets that he is feeling the pain from his mistake...I'm rooting for you Chris...God got you...please hold on...please!! Your latest tweet got me scared for your life and I don't even know you personaly. We all make mistakes...some worse than others but God is a forgiving God...you didn't rape anyone...nor did you take someone's life...you made a mistake that I'm sure you will not ever make again...maybe it's God putting you through the storm before HE allows you to see the greatness...I look at it this way you were blessed and in one moment forgot how blessed you were and...sigh...you get it...just stay prayed up and keep your faith...be strong and hold on!!
leslie arnelle's picture

Dang poor Chris can't catch a

Dang poor Chris can't catch a break! I'm still routing for him, but he needs new management and PR to rebuild a newer & better image...Good luck to him! No comment on ole girl.
Philly's picture

oh well tough luck the laws

oh well tough luck the laws are the laws and they shouldn't be bent over just because he's a celebrity and before some chris stans run in here claiming it's the work of the devil you should know that convicted felons aren't allowed in the uk, snoop had the same problem (can't remember the reason) he wasn't deferred entry into the uk as well hopefully he will learn something rom this as well as other boys/men who thing they can get away with domestic violence
Anonymous's picture

Eurpoe's a continent, Chris.

Eurpoe's a continent, Chris. SMDH.
Kizzy's picture

Europe is not a country, but

Europe is not a country, but most of the countries where the tour stops in are in the EU and the EU is like one country once you enter say France their are no borders you just drive thru
Anonymous's picture

ummm isn't that the girl that

ummm isn't that the girl that CB was cheating on RiRi with???? She looks gross.eewwwww
Britney's picture

I don't excuse what he did.

I don't excuse what he did. HOWEVER...everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves PERIOD. I was rooting for him to do so sincerely....I mean, take a step back and make the right PR moves to be taken some what seriously in any attempt at a"come back." But all he's done since the incident...is just a shame...the random Tweet beefs, tagging along Z-listers...just all together wrong. get it together Breezy. i think it's not completely over..if he just takes a step back and not force any come backs...
chocolate delux's picture

i loveeeee her boots lol I

i loveeeee her boots lol I want them ! I wonder where she got them from && to ppl saying he called europe a country no fools he's tlkn about the places there sheesh (European Union)
actingbetty's picture

Wow when did Europe become a

Wow when did Europe become a country??? lol laaaawd I guess that's why they're entertainers and not teachers. But dang, this is just so wrong on so many levels. lol Oh well, this is just an example of how past actions effect your future. Again I ask who is managing this boy, shouldn't they have checked that out first before announcing anything smh Her outfit is not cute but hey whatever she likes I guess.
BadGirl23's picture

i love Alycia's style so cute

i love Alycia's style so cute and rugged ! && CB will be fine He has alot of soul searching and praying to do i want him to climb the himalaya mountains with me so we can find our inner peace i love that kid great talent, he has terrible ppl around him...why didn't they know his travel visa wasn't correct? smh time will tell with his situation wether he'll recover or not good night ya'll peace and love
actingbetty's picture

Why is she even on here?

Why is she even on here?
Anonymous's picture

No matter how many people he

No matter how many people he has defending his actions, the rest of the world will not let him brush it aside and pretend it never happened.
Yardy's picture

No one is excusing or making

No one is excusing or making excuses for his behavior. He has paid for his crime and should be allowed to work. God is the only one who should judge, not man. He has never pretended that it didn't happen and no one else is, but should he pay for the rest of his life for one mistake. I think not. Look into your background, I'm sure it is not clean and u have done something u are not proud of, we all have.
chocolate's picture

Your lack of comprhension is

Your lack of comprhension is most amazing. I won't even waste my time..............
Yardy's picture

I don't think he acts like it

I don't think he acts like it never happened. He took responsibility for HIS actions. He apologized. He plead guilty. He's serving the sentence given him. And along with that--he's continuing to work. The problem with people like you YARDY is you want him to offer you details on exactly what occurred that night and he won't give you the satisfaction so you say he's "acting like it didn't happen". No, he doesn't want to give YOU details and that's his prerogative just as it's your prerogative whether you support him or not--but don't try to put it on someone else. You don't support him--then stop wasting your energy on a Chris Brown story.
Anonymous's picture

Are you serious? Where did I

Are you serious? Where did I write that I needed details of his life? I couldn't care less about Chris Brown, never cared about what happended or where his career is headed. You just sit there behind you anonymous name and keep calling YARDY out, but anyone who read what I originally said, and understood the comment, will see you for what you are. I should have known better than to comment on anything Chris Brown, but I'm not made, I am actually LAUGHING MY ASS OFF FOR REAL FOR REAL!!! I will not come back, so if you need to continue this nonsense, I have moved on so bye!
Yardy's picture

That's what his ass gets for

That's what his ass gets for putting his hands on a woman. I hope he didn't think he was just gonna punch, kick, bite and whatever else then move on with his career. Nope. You would think that after all of that he would have calmed his little ass down somewhat instead of running around with random groupies. His remaining 5 fans may be willing to look past his foolishness but I sure as hell wont. It's too bad since I think he's actually talented, even got his first CD. Oh well, I'm sure there are other singers who are more than willing to step up and take his place...
Anonymous's picture

Well, woopty-do for you! You

Well, woopty-do for you! You got that off your chest...you feel better? Good--now stop blogging about someone you no longer like and go support someone you do.
Anonymous's picture

Am I the only one that peeped

Am I the only one that peeped he called Europe a country??? Smdh.
Anonymous's picture

Well, you know your standards

Well, you know your standards are just too high! (Assuming You're a Black woman). Why do you need a brother who knows that Europe is a continent. I mean damn, the brother at least know how to sing, and he got a twitter account, and he's only been convicted of one crime--and it wasn't even no big deal, ya dig--he hit a female who prolly wanted his cash, and was givin' him mouth for messing with another chick, feel me? So, I'm saying you can't blame him...You just gotta lower your standards some, instead of always requiring that a brother know some basic third grade stuff. Ya know?
Anonymous's picture

OK, i think folk on here need

OK, i think folk on here need some basic lessons in addressing multiple people. In this case, CB was addressing fans in at least two (UK & Ireland) countries. SO, boys and girls, what does that mean? it means that he's saying to BOTH countries at ONE time that he was denied and he won't be coming to your (as in fan) country (as in UK & Ireland and whatever other European countries he was supposed to hit). There are obviously too many illiterate and undereducated people on these blogs if what you got out of his tweet was that he thought Europe was a country..he never said that but your dumbasses implied it any way. You need an education.
Anonymous's picture

Thank you for saying that.

Thank you for saying that. These ppl were starting to make my head hurt.
Lyoness's picture

Ok I don't know who you are

Ok I don't know who you are but you get the "comment of the week award" because this is hands down hilarious!!!!!!
Moe's picture

lmao hilarious

lmao hilarious
Anonymous's picture

Nah, u aint the only one.

Nah, u aint the only one. Damn shame he can't tell the difference between a continent and a country.... Blame that ish on some of VA's crappy public schools
Anonymous's picture

his alleged ex chick Alycia

his alleged ex chick Alycia Bella ...................looks a HOT STEAMY TACKY TRASHY RECK!!! Oh, poor Chris but those are the consequences of his actions.
HOTNESS's picture

karma is a badddddddddddddd

karma is a badddddddddddddd bitch...no matter how much talent u have...when God give it to u and u waste it...he takes it away...we dont fly off our own wings...celebs become famous and think they are untouchable....take this as a lesson ppl God is always in control....i feel bad for CB in a sort of a way
blah blah blah's picture

Hated it...

Hated it...
Ebz's picture

her outfit is very cute!!!! i

her outfit is very cute!!!! i will definitely rock this...minus the sheerness...i think
mona86's picture

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