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YBF KIDS: Justin Combs' & Ming Lee's Birthday Plans+Willow Smith Out With Dad

Justin Combs is about to get the best birthday party ever.  MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" is filming his birthday party this Saturday at an undisclosed club M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC (damn our readers are good).  The theme of the party: "The Prince of New York."  What else would it be when your dad crowned himself the King of NY?  Diddy is bringing in Chris Brown, Dirty Money, Snoop, and maybe even the Carters.

A source said, "The club will be decorated with images from the New York skyline. Diddy will perform with his band, Diddy-Dirty Money, but there will also be some big-name performers taking the stage to surprise Justin." Guests will also include Combs' pals Snoop Dogg, Lil' Kim, boxer Floyd Mayweather and possibly Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The source added, "It's going to be big, but it won't be as lavish as Diddy's 40th. Instead of gifts, guests will be asked to make a donation to the Haiti fund." Well this ought to be interesting. I'm sure mama Misa and grandma Janice will be coming through with the best of 'em. Diddy hosted Kim Porter's son Quincy's Sweet 16 just a few years ago as well.

Today is Ming Lee Simmons' 10th birthday. And her daddy Russell blogged about how much his daughter is growing up. And how she even only thought of others during the Christmas Holidays and what she wanted to gift them with...instead of her own desires. So here's his newest revelation about Ming's birthday:
Ming Lee's birthday is today and her mother and I are going to have a dinner for her that night in Los Angeles. When I called Ming Lee yesterday to see what sort of present she wanted me to bring her, again she told me "nothing." "Are you sure?" I asked. "Don't you want another nightgown like the one you got in St. Barts? You seemed to like that." "The dress was nice, but no thanks, I really don't need anything else," she said. "I just want to make sure that you're there for my birthday dinner." When Ming Lee told me that, I realized that she was beginning to understand one of the most basic truths in life: that true happiness is living in a state of needing nothing.
Sweeeet. And Willow Smith was spotted walking around Calabasas with her daddy Will this week:

They did say they let their children dress and groom themselves...



his name is justin NOT

his name is justin NOT christian...christian is his little brother name smh
Anonymous's picture

OMG what is wrong with will

OMG what is wrong with will and jayda? they know they could of dressed her ... but anywayss im soo happy for ming and justin keep it up!
asdfghjkl;'s picture

wow ming lee !!! i always saw

wow ming lee !!! i always saw her to have something in her....happy b'day cuteee.....
leaves's picture

Thanks for changing the

Thanks for changing the Location Natasha! Love the blog since 2005 & whenever u need info abt M2 NYC I'll tell u. I catch all the celebs cheating on their spouses etc. lol
Juanita H.'s picture

justin is too cute and him

justin is too cute and him and ming are so sweet....when you're so fortunate and your parents provide you with everything you desire i guess theres nothing friends can buy them and when your home is broken attention is the best thing you can provide....also that haiti request is very generous i would love to bag quincy up tho justin is way too young for me willow..........
Kay's picture

the paparazzi must have been

the paparazzi must have been capping on that little girl. looks like big will wasn't having it. somebody needs to intervene, shit, she looks a hot humid mess. Lord have mercy.
Oxyclean's picture


F.W's picture

Justin's party will be @ M2

Justin's party will be @ M2 Ultralounge in NYC Saturday. I work there.
Juanita H.'s picture

That does make sense...when

That does make sense...when you get things whenever you ask for them all year round, birthday presents lose their significance. However, if it was the little one I'm sure she would've requested something! lol.
peewee's picture

lol.. i luv willow, nut in

lol.. i luv willow, nut in that pic shez l00kn strung out!no good no good! justin iz hansum and ming pretti
keki=Y.B.F.......thatz me!'s picture

I don't keep up with Russ'

I don't keep up with Russ' coming and goings but one thing everyone knows is that he's a huge philanthropist. He's real big on that. And that's probably why his kid is thinking like that. Don't hate on people who work hard to provide the good life for their kids because you would do the same.
tagirl27's picture

Gotta love Will's expression.

Gotta love Will's expression. The kiddies are cute! I love the individuality of Willow and Ming, Justin's just SUCH a little cutie!
JamaicanQueen's picture

It makes sense. Ming prob

It makes sense. Ming prob already has a lot of things but for children of privilege, time with their parents is the most important to them.
tagirl27's picture

Justin looks like he is going

Justin looks like he is going to be FLYYYY in a few years, ;-) Lol...And Quincy's bday wasn't fab like that but I'm sure Diddy will outdue himself since this IS his real son.
ItsAsh!'s picture


Miss GQ's picture

Happy 16th to Justin. He's so

Happy 16th to Justin. He's so cute, LIKE HIS MOM! Happy 10th to Ming. She's adorable. and Willow looks a mess, but hey she's still a kiddie, and cute one regardless of that hiar
Miss GQ's picture

Its easy to want nothing when

Its easy to want nothing when you have everything Russ. Try giving more to the people that made you so rich. Try opening a school in the US and supporting orphaned children in your own back yard.
Eye's picture

I love Willow's free-spirted

I love Willow's free-spirted sense of style. I was just like that as a child, ahhh, the awesomeness of super cool parents. And Happy Birthday to the kiddes.
Peyton....Corinne Bailey Rae "The Sea" in stores January 26!'s picture

Justin is a cute i know he

Justin is a cute i know he drives the girls crazy he look another like Diddy or Diddy other son
Ieshia's picture

@CoOwner With Ciroc Obama I

@CoOwner With Ciroc Obama I did come home with a mohawk back in the 80's. As I was going to a wedding my mother told me to go to the hair dresser and perm and style my hair... specifically she said don't cut it. Well I was able to hide with tieheads for about a 2 weeks in the house until she came home early and caught me in the kitchen. She told me that after school I had to go the hair dresser and shave the rest or she would cut off my head in my sleep. WOW! I'm still here!
Jamaicaseemiya's picture

Binky...Co-sign. She is a

Binky...Co-sign. She is a child and her "fashion" sense isn't developed, but I love to see parents let their kids have SOME freedom in areas where it really doesn't matter. As long as she's not letting anything hang out and she is comfy, go for it. Black folks always trying to control everything. Let the kids find themselves in appropriate ways. And Justin is to cute....thank God for Misa on that one.
Mo's picture

Well I'm sure Ming doesn't

Well I'm sure Ming doesn't want anything because she has everything. Must be nice. And yes I'm bitter about it. This is a recession and people are struggling so excuse me for not praising a child who has more money than me for not wanting anything for her birthday. I'm speaking what's real but I'm sure the haters will attack in 5..4..3..2..lol
nola2chi's picture

Well you can tell! A shitty

Well you can tell! A shitty Mess!
Leah's picture

I think that is very

I think that is very unselfish of little MING, Happy b-day to her and Justin as well!
twinnytwin's picture

@80s Baby LMAO!!!!! My

@80s Baby LMAO!!!!! My uncle does hair and I swear he has a client that comes in WEEKLY for a freeze (y'all know...the lifted finger waves) and french roll. No lie. I saw with mine own eyes.
Summerbaby8's picture

Ming is so cute!!

Ming is so cute!!
ken's picture

@CoOwner With Ciroc Obama I

@CoOwner With Ciroc Obama I saw a french roll on the Metro this morning!! I would've taken a pic if fingerwaves were involved...
80s Baby's picture

lmao @ grandma Janice.... I

lmao @ grandma Janice.... I don't see her being called anything refering to a grandmother figure. She tryna stay forever young.
Mom Mom Janice's picture

@hmmm... Kim Porter is half

@hmmm... Kim Porter is half asian/half black so in that sense I guess your right
jreese's picture

I can't wait to see Justin's

I can't wait to see Justin's party! I am sure it will have lots of style just like his dad. I hope Mama Combs lets her son give her a makeover before the party!!
NegritaRican's picture

I love that Will & Jada allow

I love that Will & Jada allow Willow to be herself. Not a dang thing wrong with that :)
Yardy's picture

Did not realize untill now

Did not realize untill now how much Misa's son looks like her. Will & Willow gotta a love a father that plays an active role in his childrens life
ok I get it now's picture



I luv me some willow But yea

I luv me some willow But yea she do look special in that outfit
msbliss says so's picture

Awwww...Happy Birthday Lil

Awwww...Happy Birthday Lil Diddy and Ming!!!! I love the Smith's and all, but I just have a real serious dislike for mohawks, fauxhawks, and frohawks...especially on little girls. Just. Not cute. To me.
Summerbaby8's picture

Ming is tooo adorable!

Ming is tooo adorable!
Text Yele to 501501 and help!'s picture

replying to:

replying to: BurgerKingB1tchesGet99centDoubleCheeseburgerDudes i don't think Will looks sweet here, more like he is telling the paps to back off on the pics between he and his daughter and it looks like they caught him in the middle. ppl always lookin for a 'gay' jab on anything.
Jaurdyn22 - Excuse me...it's Mrs.'s picture

I love it!! A day dedicated

I love it!! A day dedicated to GOOD fathers is beautiful. And Will hit that "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" / metro face! Lol, he is soooo comfortable with his manhood and I love it. Willow looked like she was getting her cat walk on and he was like "Wait a minute, she working it!" I only wish I had a father that cool.
shavondenise's picture

I like Justin already.

I like Justin already. Instead of gifts he asks for donations for the Haiti Fund. love that idea
Text Yele to 501501 and help!'s picture

I saw on another site they

I saw on another site they put asian/idian/black so I don't know all of it
Liz's picture

@ABoogie. . .i think you

@ABoogie. . .i think you might even get arrested. . .LOL!!!! my mom let me dress myself but the hair was off limits. . .we teased it, put them hard curls in it. . don't act like i'm the only one that lived through the 80's in here to remember hard curls, finger waves and french rolls! LMBO!!! but she would kill me dead if i came home with one side of my head shaved. . .even now and i'm grown!
CoOwner With Ciroc Obama's picture

@Hmmm The twins look like

@Hmmm The twins look like that because Kim's mother is asian and black. They showed her mother on E!THS
Liz's picture

Justin is one lucky young man

Justin is one lucky young man
lee's picture

Of course Diddy would do it

Of course Diddy would do it big for his oldest. I actually can't wait to see that on MTV lol... Kimora and Russell really are doing a great job with their little ones. Yeah they may be spoiled but their heads seem to be in the right place... Yeah it's obvious Willow dresses herself and probaby gives herself haircuts too...
beautifuldaidreamer's picture

Justin and Ming are to cute,

Justin and Ming are to cute, happy birthday to them. And willow is is just a free spirit and a bit edgy, just like Jada. Because back in the day, Jada use to dress like that too. Besides, she is a child what are you going to do right? At least she isn't being all slutty and hoish like some of these young stars in hollywood.
binky's picture

Is it me or does Diddy twins

Is it me or does Diddy twins look like htey got some Kimora in them?
Hmm's picture

All the chillum are soo cute/

All the chillum are soo cute/ Love Willow!. She is an accentric lil lady...cuties
E-Boog's picture

Wow @ Will! Will Smith

Wow @ Will! Will Smith looking more like "SWEET WILLY!" LMBAO.
BurgerKingB1tchesGet99centDoubleCheeseburgerDudes's picture

Is it me or does Justin not

Is it me or does Justin not look 15...going on 16? He looks 10...maybe 12 to me! He is slightly just taller than Misa, and Misa is short! Or did my brother just grow up too fast, because by the age of 16, he was well past 6 feet.
jenny's picture

willow looks cute and free

willow looks cute and free spirited! ming lee seems like she will grow up to be a very smart and intelligent young woman.
griffin12's picture

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