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Oprah's Handing The Reigns To Gayle In 2011?+Sheree Whitfield Says She Was ATTACKED!

Oprah and Gayle have been BFFs for over 30 years. And word has it Lady O wants to give her BFF all the shine time she wants in 2011. O's contract is up that year and she's deciding between completely taking The Oprah Show off the air or handing it to Gayle. According to a source: Gayle already has a myriad of duties within the Oprah empire…. Oprah has been very generous with Gayle through the years. Just last year, the 55-year-old superstar plunked down $7.5 million to buy a stunning penthouse apartment in Manhattan that Gayle uses as she wishes. But what her pal has really been pining for is to become Oprah’s successor on daytime TV. Disclosed a friend: “It initially bruised Gayle’s pride that Oprah didn’t seriously consider her before… “She would tell Oprah that she always has her back. She said McGraw and Ray used her clout to get where they wanted to go, but they never had any real loyalty to her.”… Oprah still waffles on whether she’ll give up doing talk for good when her contract runs out in 2011.
Source: National Enquirer

It's been rumored for a while now O would do this. And it'll be interesting to see if Oprah's audience will go for this ish. Good luck with that Gayle. An update on Sheree Whitfield and her altercation with her divorce party promoter when you read the rest.... Remember the story from yesterday about ATL Housewife Sheree Whitfield getting shut out of her own divorce party by the party promoters because of her attitude? Well, her "reps" sent over a statement saying what really went down. And Sheree is claiming the promoter, Tyson, attacked her and she decided not to go through with the party:
Anthony Shorter whom also uses the alias Tyson unfortunately conducted himself in an extremely unprofessional manner during this season’s taping of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and did in fact attempt to assault his prospective female client Sheree Whitfield. Mr. Shorter was enraged that Ms. Whitfield as well as The Bravo Network released him of his duties. Tony Shorter lost control of his temper, screaming obscenities and completely compromising his livelihood. In addition to this unacceptable behavior Mr. Shorter teamed up with editor Dennis Byron over the weekend and illegally used Ms. Whitfield’s name to headline a party, which had been previously cancelled due to Mr. Shorter’s unethical business practice. Sheree Whitfield had no involvement or any intentions of attending as a result of cancellation. We are unable to address the situation in length, but would like to say that neither Anthony Shorter nor Dennis Byron has any affiliation with Sheree Whitfield. Anyone considering Anthony Shorter for hire and/or his alleged company “Atlanta Music Festival” should research all information provided.
Yeeeees indeed. The Randomness: 1. Kanye will be a new voice on the upcoming animated show The Clevelands. Story Loves it.




CALIBABY's picture

We are losing focus on whats

We are losing focus on whats important. It doesnt matter who Sheree is, how much money she has, if she is famous or not, etc... For those of you who did watch the show, that guy was WAY out of line!! He is supposed to be hired help, who is planning her party and she is paying him and he was treating her like she was the scum of the earth. Customer service is slowing diminishing away and we need to demand and expect it from these companies. He is the CEO of the company and that is the manner in which he is going to conduct himself, He got violent, irate, abusive, and so disrespectful. He was calling her names and calling her mother names, he was getting in not only his paying customers face but a female. What ever happened to the customer is always right? He didnt deliver the things he promised for her party, and when she had questions he was flustered confused, rude, short, and he couldnt deliver. He would never get my business to plan parties, weddings, or promote clubs!! HE IS DISGUSTING ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!
Lucky's picture

I'm sorry but what does

I'm sorry but what does Sheree Whitfield do that warrants for me to have to read about her every damn week. Nobody cares what is going on with this woman. She's not famous, I don't know of any charity work she does, and where the hell is her clothing line??? I mean damn...just go get a job like the rest of the free world and break out of this fake ass clown suit u keep putting yourself in...i'm just saying. Hey whats happening with the housewife, Mrs. Snow....i would rather hear about her life than this cramp. Rich Kidz. Check.
MiMiBlack's picture

Greeting all from Dennis

Greeting all from Dennis Byron Management, THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY!!!! She might have been dropped on her head a t birth. She was neither assaulted nor was she even welcomed at the event. She needs to fire her publicist for allowing her to release such a foolish and irresponsible statement. Sheree, your 5 minutes is almost up!
Shiit By Sheree's picture

It's like my mom always use

It's like my mom always use to tell me God bless her soul, you can be pretty all day long but, that's not what a person is going to remember about you. Sheree looks nice but, she has a real bad attitude that makes her so unatractive and I don't care how much designer clothes she buys or puts on all you have to do is look at her face and she doens't look happy. Class is something you can't buy and I don't care how much money you have. Either you have it or you don't and she doesn't have it. She needs to change her damn attitude and get over herself already.
Sherie's picture

Sheree is gross! Thank you

Sheree is gross! Thank you and good day!
Ontheruneating's picture

over 30 years friendship! I

over 30 years friendship! I love to see black women being close friends like that! with competition on the market like Tyra and deGeneres, I heard Oprah got some problems: fewer fans! don't know if Gayle doing it will reverse the situation
Capeflower's picture

All of the Real Housewives

All of the Real Housewives (ATL, Orange County and New York) are women pretending to be more than what they are. I feel so bad for people who think that any of these ladies are CLASSY. Bravo went to area hoods and trail parks and told these women that they would be stars. They forgot to say (Reality)!!! Reality is they are broke and pretending. It is so SAD! And, yes they are getting paid to make a mockery of themselves. The women of ATL, our ancestors are turning over in their graves. For all of the hard work they done for us to have the rights and opportunties that we have today, you all go on television to make a mockery of yourselfs of us (black people). Really??? We must do better Black People. We must do better.
I AM.....'s picture

Like I predicted from the

Like I predicted from the start, this Real Wives would end up being nothing but an endless coonfest.
chaka1's picture

Gayle will not be Oprah.. so

Gayle will not be Oprah.. so if this indeed true, she needs to stop.. and it's so odd that they claim that they're just friends, yet they wear matching rings.. just on different hands... mmmkay.. ever heard of a friendship bracelet? tattoo? something else?
IMO's picture

I really feel sorry for

I really feel sorry for Sheree. I mean she's an attractive woman, has beautiful children, had/has? a beautiful home-& yet she debases herself on a weekly basis w/ petty rivalries & ridiculous business schemes? She seems like a such a mean, spiteful person when I see her , even in still photos. Sheree, and all the housewives, need to realize that a person's net worth has nothing to do with their true value. As far as Gayle is concerned-I think she needs her own identity & that can only be attained outside of Oprah's shadow.
Imnotthatstoopid's picture

Sheree, pick it up boo and

Sheree, pick it up boo and move it to Gwinette county, you can no longer be running around like you live in Buckhead actin' like this... plus we know what you working with...
Ms. Bella's picture

I don't like Oprah, but I

I don't like Oprah, but I CAN'T FREAKING STAND GAYLE!! UGH!! She is so judgmental and if Oprah lets her take over it'll be the worst mistake that she could ever make. Go retire with Oprah, Gayle and maybe y'all can live happily ever after with all of your lameness!
Cutie C's picture

Who is Gayle again?

Who is Gayle again?
DC_1's picture

Can I be Gayle's daughter?

Can I be Gayle's daughter?
lovely one's picture

I too am sick to death of all

I too am sick to death of all of these high rent, low class women being put out there as "high class housewives". It would be a slap in the face to all of the truly financially successful black families where women run their households as part of their support to their husbands to think this is the group chosen to represent them. The only real housewife was DeShawn Snow. The rest either worked more than their husbands (Lisa) didn't own their own home (Nene) or WEREN'T EVEN MARRIED! How are you gonna be a housewife if you ain't married?! Such a shame, this show. I will say this is the best I've seen Sheree look. Casual, but pulled together. Still look-like-a-man, though.
MsDonnaGirl's picture

Does anybody else remember

Does anybody else remember the Gayle King show....probably not it was only on a hot minute cause tv audiences were not checkin for her....so why are we talkin about recreating this hot mess of a talk show....somebody needs to write Gayle a check "pay to the order if REALITY" we accept you as Oprah's sidekick and sometime guest reporter whatever but a full hour of her and the damn 25 dolla chinese store wig is not the business sorry gayle i rebuke you in the name of "Ms Sophia"......
5dolla lacefront's picture

Sheree--this still didn't

Sheree--this still didn't what explain in the first place between her and trhe promoter. What did they disagree about that caused an attack? Did they film the attack? Can't wait for Season 2!!! :)
RHOA's #1 FAN's picture

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jamal's picture

I love Oprah. but if she

I love Oprah. but if she stops i refuse to watch Gayle. no offense to her but there is only one O!
Erin's picture

This Atlanta Housewife thing

This Atlanta Housewife thing is shaping up to be a real embarassment. This CAN'T be the black elite of Atlanta. I had hoped that BRAVO would show us all a slice of black life we don't ordinarily on television. Successful black entrepeneurs, and other professionals and there wives. In Atlanta's defense I don't see a whole lot of refinement on the other versions of the show either, but you know we're always viewed more critically. I know that it has been said before that money can't buy class, but if it did it seems that at least a couple of these women still couldn't afford any. Class is not label-whoring. Too many people think that strapping on a designer name makes them of higher society and know nothing of social graces. Conductng yourself with dignity. It's been my experience that people who really have money don't have to flaunt it or stomp around in a big show of importance. I'm begging BRAVO. Please show the rest of America what real black society folk look like. -imjustsayin
imjustsayin's picture

There's only one Lady O;

There's only one Lady O; Gayle can not replace her. Gayle needs to start her own brand. I doubt Oprah's fans would go for that.
Martinique_Fr's picture

and sheree,omg i hate her,

and sheree,omg i hate her, she is ugly!
ballrmom's picture

make gayle go away! PLEEASE!

make gayle go away! PLEEASE!
ballrmom's picture

@ feminista...their gonna do

@ feminista...their gonna do that anyway. a show for gayle is a BAD idea...you are known only b/c of your girlfriend....you will always walk in her shadow...
so mean's picture

I think the Clevelands will

I think the Clevelands will inevitably be racist. I think that Gayles show woudn't do so well if it was Oprahs and not Gayles. They need to make it clear that Gayles show is seperate and new or else people will constantly compare and contrast her with Oprah.
feministabroad's picture

My mom is going to die! I

My mom is going to die! I dont know about Gayle!
LSU GYRL's picture

PLEASE NOTE that there are

PLEASE NOTE that there are two editors that share the name Dennis Byron who are both not only ironically black, but work in Atlanta. Dennis Malcolm Byron was the former managing editor of The Atlanta Voice and is now the executive editor of J'Adore Magazine. Unfortunately for Dennis Malcolm Byron, he will be often mistakened as the Dennis Byron mentioned in this article, which is why he uses his middle name as well.
Dennis Malcolm Byron's picture

was hoping that my hiatus

was hoping that my hiatus would make this format go away...it sucks!! i wish these two would just have a committment ceremony.. sheree...she's a trainwreck....often carnage with trainwrecks so i'm never surprised and why the hell does my name keep disappearing? grrr...
so mean's picture

Top Ten

Top Ten
Yvesmoon Everyday's picture

I think if she wants to do

I think if she wants to do something for Gayle, give her own show...again. Don't let her do the Oprah show! I watch Family Guy, so I'll definitely be checking out the Clevelands. I hope its as funny.
t..ynn's picture

We love us some Oprah and

We love us some Oprah and Gayle does sound a lot like Oprah, but there's only one O. Older women will need a show that they can relate to though.
iolastar's picture

morning every one

morning every one
trueshandA's picture

Um...whats with the new

Um...whats with the new layout. No Gravi and it changed my name...but it did let me post, so I guess thats whats up.
Ms.FSU/504's picture

I love me some Oprah and

I love me some Oprah and Gayle! Um...I dont want to doubt Sheree, but with the Chrianna thing-is this the new "thing" that we use to gain attention?! Good Morning Everyone!!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!! :?: this new layout...Ive been missin for a few days...
MsFSU504Out_her's picture

OMG the show will not be the

OMG the show will not be the same!!! ! Top 5???? 3rd!!! Not cool!
Weezeys' lady's picture

Good Morning!

Good Morning!
Yasmina's picture


booked's picture


kelya's picture

@ I AM......We are free! One

@ I AM......We are free! One Black person does not represent all Blacks! Again, we are free! Do you know what that word means? FREEDOM? Moreover, I have watched all of the Housewives (ATL, OC and boring NY), most of the women in these series are classless and/or clueless. Remember Jo and her fake-ass singing career, Joke! What about the countess and her tacky statements and let us not forget the New York couple living in that construction danger zone, Tacky! I AM, you need to hold your head up high, worry about your immediate family and continue to be the role model that I am assuming you are. Try not to get bent out of shape when you watch the news and see that the robber, murderer or rapist was a black man. That criminal is not you! Got it! Obama is not you! You are responsible for you and your actions and hopefully you have people around to appreciate you. Stop telling people what to do, you just continue to do better. We are free to be the type of Black people that we want to be. Good luck on your journey.
Rosy Sky on Mars's picture

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