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Interracial Drama For Disney's First Black Princess+Chris Brown's Bodyguard ATTACKS A Man

There's controversy surrounding Disney's first black american princess.  While The Princess & The Frog's Princess Tiana and the rest of the cast is made up of mainly black characters, folks are pissy that the prince is not.  Prince Naveen of Maldonia and is voiced by a Brazilian actor and people say he looks more white than black in photographs from the film that Disney has released. Disappointed fans wrote: 'I think it's sad that he is white because its saying that black love isn't good enough and that black men could never be princes. ‘Disney had the perfect chance to make its first black prince, but instead it decided to go the controversial route.' "I am very disappointed and I wished Disney had made the prince black,(and the ironic thing is the prince in the movie is white but the evil voodoo villain is voiced by a black actor and is black).’ Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Princess Tiana, says "Not only is she the first black princess, she’s the first American princess. We’ve never had an American princess.  The scope and the significance is larger than people even realize." The movie, set in 1920 New Orleans, comes out later this year. News on Chris Brown when you read the rest... So over the weekend, Chris Brown's bodyguard attacked a man who was trying to get a picture of Chris for his young son who was with him,  The incident went down at a L.A. gym: "Chris was inside, and there were all these guys outside trying to get pictures. I was just working out at the gym with my son and we wanted to take a quick shot of Chris. I guess Chris' bodyguard assumed I was a paparazzo and he started chasing me out of the gymnasium and down the stairs. I tripped as the bodyguard was chasing me - he was really angry and charging at me - I honestly thought the guy was going to kill me! "Then the guy picked me up and started shaking me with incredible force. He tried to grab the camera from my pocket but I didn't let go. People around were yelling, "Leave him alone; leave him alone!", and after a few minutes, the bodyguard realized a lot of people were watching, so he stopped. Thankfully there were witnesses - otherwise, I don't know what would have happened!" After that, the man went to the office of the gym, and the bodyguard was still yelling at him! Then, Chris went into the office and said, "I've never seen a white boy run that fast."
And this isn't the first time Chris bodyguards have been accused of whooping up on people.  Damn.  Just foolishness running rampant around Mr. Brown.



I'm biracial both black and

I'm biracial both black and white better said Trinidadian and Caucasian french Canadian(my father's black and my mother's white) and i've faced racism for being biracial from both cultures since childhood- I think this movie is awesome, it shows love has no boundaries for any race nor skin color,it simply doesn't matter-Anyone who thinks this is an attack on African Americans, Haitians, Jamaican, Trinidadians or any culture,needs to seriously take another look. I see this being made into some personal attack when it really isn't. The Media every day portrays whites with whites and blacks with blacks Jewish with Jewish etc, everyday-we get the message already embedded that its great to have traditional families,we all understand that staying within ones own culture is beautiful & fulfilling because your proud of our race-that what makes north America beautiful is all the different cultures that live here and bring something different to the table. However there's more than just traditional relationships here that make North America just as wonderful and it needs to be shown more because there's not enough understanding of biracial relationship & even friendships for that matter. It surprising to see a lot here be so focused on race and skin color in today's world, with all the social changes and knowledge that's obtainable of different cultures and common sense on knowing that skin color doesn't define who you are at all-I for one will see this movie because I think its about time for change.
Obsidian Signum's picture

i do not understand why we

i do not understand why we black people complain too much.There is a black princess and u are still complaining. Besides i do not know what the excitment is all about.It doesnt fit.Ablack princess dressed in european and potraying european culture.It doesnt fit.This is not african.
alex's picture

It seems that a lot of people

It seems that a lot of people don't understand what the uproar is about with this movie. Quite a number of you are stating that race shouldn't be important, and why should it matter if the prince is white or non black--it's all about being equal and harmonious right? In fact you believe the people that are complaining about a white prince are the real racists, because they wouldn't complain in the first place. Wrong. Race is important. Why is it that down the line of the Disney princesses (excluding Pocohontas) that their costars or counterparts were of the same race? Why all of a sudden when it comes to the black princess that Disney wants to change it up? It would makes sense to follow the Disney formula or blue print. I tell you why they changed the scheme of things because Disney wanted to send a message. You know what that message is? It is not practical for a black woman and black man relationship to exist. It is not the norm; therefore, a black woman would have to look elsewhere for love for her prince. In addition it is also saying that a black man could never be a prince or atleast a prince to a black woman. Yes we love interracial relationships, but why is it that the first black princess has to compromise herself to find love. It would make more sense for a white princess to have an interracial relationship first since we've already seen her have her white prince. Yes I am glad that Disney thought to have a black princess, but I am certainly not thankful. If they're going to have a black princess they should present it in the right way. Also just like how I want my daughter to be able to identify with a princess, I want the same for my son. You mean to tell me that as a young black man that he can't have someone to identify with and that he can't be a prince. Mulan didn't have this much controversy because the people that put that project together were knowledgeable about the history, and presented the story in a way that was uplifting to the asian community; however, with this project the people behind it don't seem to have the same vigiliance. From the start there have been many problems as if they just decided to do the movie without doing their homework and it shows. It is very unfortunate because I have grown up watching Disney movies and looked forward to the fruitation of finally having a black princess, but I will not support this movie because of the damaging message that it is sending. There are beautiful black relationships.
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The Jewish people so are

The Jewish people so are smart they know that black community very strong and wish to destroy it and to improve white race at the expense of the black woman this as in 20-s' and 50-s' slaves for white pigs. Very good works white and Jews system. White and Jewish America very much hate black men.....Why? because black men the BEST!!!!!!!! muthafucka! God Bless brothers and sisters!
BROWN's picture

if it were not for whites and

if it were not for whites and blacks fucking and having them babies, a lot of us would not even be here, so shut the fuck up and stop being so damn paranoid over cartoons. good night.
Petunia's picture

very disappointing news.

very disappointing news.
layla23's picture

This is some bull shit.

This is some bull shit. Brazilians are black!!!!!! People seem to forget the slave trade happened in South America too. Not just Amercia. Black heritage does not just exsist in Amercia and Africa. Learn some of your history. Get it Right or shut the f**** up.
Constance Williams's picture

The prince isa person of

The prince isa person of color...period. Maybe he is French extraction in keeping with the NO's creole history. Maybe he's Indian ("Naveen"?) While I wish the prince were less ambiguous, I will not allow this to steal the joy of the fact that we will have a Disney BAP and my kids (when I have 'em) won't have to settle with Jasmine or Pocahontas being "close enough." Speaking of Black princesses, Google Her Serene Highness Princess Angela of Lichtenstein---an Afro-Latina married to a prince of Lichtenstein. She is the only sister married into a ruling European royal family. A Sudanese sister is married to a German Habsburg prince. There are black princesses (royal or otherwise) who are married to men of all colors.
CorpAtty's picture

Brazilians aren't really

Brazilians aren't really white so I don't mind. But I appreciate that Disney developed a character that is dark skinned and beautiful as the main character instead of a light skinned girl it is a tired image to use and I'm glad they are giving dark skinned women their due.
DEE DEE's picture

Amen to that! Finding a GOOD

Amen to that! Finding a GOOD man regardless of race is hard to do so why limit yourself, however, I' am still can't get over the comments posted here. I just find it hypocritical that we went out and voted for Obama, a man who is biracial, in droves but we can't watch a cartoon featuring a black princess and a prince who isn't black nor white? I find it strange we can agrue over this cartoon but refuse to argue with movies who depicts people in history such as Cleopatra, Mozart Jesus Christ, Hannibal, etc. other than people of color but white or that hollywood refuses to feature black people as cowboys in western movies when historically the first cowboys were black and native american WHERE are those protests and agruements futhermore where are the arguements from partents in schools who doesn't teach proper history of inventions and the african/african american contribute to American culture and global culture. I think we are protesting over the wrong things, we should protest over historical facts and people not cartoons. And for those who say that this movie isn't depicting black love it is not up to movies and tv to teach our children about love
Binks's picture

white folkz and spanish

white folkz and spanish broads be deep on these comments
IWantAN's picture

Stop making a big deal out of

Stop making a big deal out of nothing!! Why r we always complaing maybe having an interracial couple will make kids not b RACIST!!! Grow up!!
jossie's picture

disney is damned if they do

disney is damned if they do and damned if they don't. People please get a life and stop bringing negativeity!
carrie's picture

ummm....I love Anika, don't

ummm....I love Anika, don't get me wrong, but homegirl needs a history lesson: Native Americans were here first, so Pocahontas was the first American princess. Why didn't someone whisper that in her ear?
Dani's picture

DANG it is a new day and age

DANG it is a new day and age but i noticed that disney was racist bcuz i used to love disney but in the past few years they lost a lot of cool points with all this high school musical and hannah montana it just really fell off wit me. but if u really noticed in all the disney movies what are the nationalities of all the evil people in the cartoons- MINORITIES OR FOREIGN PEOPLE. and the more evil the thicker the accent. they had this old disney cartoon back then that had those black crows and they name was jim. jus sayin'.
chandre's picture

why cant they just get along

why cant they just get along with 99problems???
hatcha's picture

every person on the face of

every person on the face of this earth is All THAT, we all are the most amazing thing to ever be created, the problem is for some reason we can't acknowledge how great we all are. I don't want to hear how whites have done us wrong all these years, our African Kings and Queens sold us to those who sought laborers, Whites/Europeans were not allowed to trek across african soil to steal slaves, they were met at the border by other africans. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a torrid history, every ethinicity, race, and religion has at some point in their history oppressed someone else. We are all beautiful, amazing, unique, we are the greatest creation, and I wish someone, just one person would share my view, we might just be able to change the world. Much love to all of you because everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But for those born in this country, the good ole USA, do thorough research on you ancestry, I doubt very seriously, and this goes for whites as well, I doubt that you blood line is pure, of what you THINK you are supposed to be!
bonnibleu's picture

Yeah she's gettin out and

Yeah she's gettin out and about without chris....but i bet they gon get back together. they both too crazy to not be drawn back...
BD11's picture

don't forget about the price

don't forget about the price of egypt
bonnibleu's picture

Haven't you heard: " Rose by

Haven't you heard: " Rose by any other name is still a rose"? My point is Native Americans and Black Americans obviously have atleast one thing in common: America and its unique ties to the history and heritage of the land before or after it was called by all people The United States of America. Were Black Americans not Black Americans if they were born in the the original Thirteen colonies and not The US of A?
SunshineS's picture

Chris, I love your comment,

Chris, I love your comment, I agree people need to understand the intentions of people and understand that we need to teach our kids to love each other, you rarely see Asians dating or married outside their race, we need to be a more uniform group of people and love our own just as much as any other race, so many Black people have been conditioned to over look the important issues that were stolen from us. I am shocked that so many people feel its ok for the prince to be white PLEASE, its a story behind everything everyones does. Think about that.
Sheila 's picture

When I first heard of this

When I first heard of this movie I was happy we have a black princess in a Disney movie now, simple as that! The fact that her prince is white (or sum otha race besides her) doesn’t bother me one bit. As far as Disney sayin black luv isn’t gud enuf for a movie yea that all may be true ive heard Disney is racist but c’mon I think we should take this with a grain of salt see the good in it and not the bad, several years ago we wudnt even see this in a Disney film! And as far as the media raising your kids, blah, blah that’s all true too Parents need to raise their own dang kids and kids that don’t have those parents there I feel for on so many levels but it doesn’t mean esteem issues, etc kids face b/c of watchin tv cant be overcome when they get older! Also ppl that feel so offended bout it should write Disney or whoever they feel can make a change b/c that’s what will be effective not writing on sum damn blog. I’m just glad this interracial cartoon wasn’t flipped where she was white and dude was black we see that er day n e way.
Miss M's picture

okay who cares we are living

okay who cares we are living in a multi-cultural world, and people need to get with the program we have a bi-racial president GET WIT IT!!!DAMN
shanice's picture

Typical of disney (which I

Typical of disney (which I stopped supporting years ago) and nothing new. If you go back and view any disney movies, they usually depict some form of stereotypical overtures of our ethinicity. Sure, its just a cartoon but who are the most impressionable....right, our youth. The message is the same as that movie the susta wrote, "Try Something New", come on Black Women, be the white man's whore, after all the Black Man is your enemy!!!!!
Cedric's picture

...Disney is not my concern,

...Disney is not my concern, I can however, affect change amongst my own. Society will project it's beliefs and agendas...we don't have to comply, do we?
Just Nikki's picture

I'm not understand what the

I'm not understand what the issue is... So what the prince isn't African American or African. They're an interracial couple, which to my knowledge has never been seen in an animation before. We live in a society filled with interracial couples (it is 2009 President Of The United States is biracial )... so I think it is a positive message Disney is portraying.
Jerrell Bryant's picture

wow some of you guys really

wow some of you guys really have some incoherent statements to make about a childish Disney cartoon to entertain children... its funny how everyone wants to get angry over a simple cartoon or some as miniscule as interracial whene there are more vital issues to discuss comeon if the prince is mixed then hes mixed .. its 2009 peopl comeon interracial dating has become somewhat of a growing norm in America. people having their own opinions on the topic nevertheless its all about your personal insecurties as an individual if you really feel that there are not that many infuluenial black males for black kids to emulate your are partially corect but there also positive male rodels for black males who dont neccesarily have to be black..... in essence its just a cartoon to look for underlying themese in this movie in my opinion is just unneceassary and just shows how much time ofd oing nothing that you have.
Intellectual's picture

F**k DISNEY they are racist

F**k DISNEY they are racist and have been racist since the beginning!!! Look up racist disney on google or in the search on youtube!!!!! They could at least put in Afro of his hair and left his skin color in tact so he could be more mixed looking. My little brother who is now 20 won't admit it by he grew up watching Disney movies right along w/ me. Black boys already subconciously have a inferiority complex. This will just play into that and make them think that aren't good enough for a black princess! Shame on you Disney once again for doing what you've done forever which is degrade blacks!
lauren's picture

I hope chris b learned his

I hope chris b learned his lesson on domestic violence
philthy's picture

why is it so hard for them to

why is it so hard for them to make the prince black and not so ambiguous? Would Disney dare to release a fairytale with a white princess/black prince? I say hell no, they wouldnt. How can they skip the black characters and go straight to the "inter racial" couple?? And this bodyguard story is bs that man was not no fan he was papparazi and he got busted trying to taking pics. If CB was so washed up and a loser why does he want his pic, maybe for money?
hurricanekatrina's picture

i think it is wonderful that

i think it is wonderful that disney took it this route cause there is so much mixture out here in this world its not just blacks datin blacks or whites datin whites there is so much mixture out here like me i have 5 beautiful biracial children who r beautiful and im glad that disney did tht to show people tht ii is ok to date outside ur race there is nothing wrong with it people should be able to date who they want without judgement
yhanaelia's picture

How can Pocahantas be the

How can Pocahantas be the first American princess when the land was not stolen and named America yet?
teena marie's picture

Historically speaking she

Historically speaking she wasn't even a princess but rather one of the daughters of one of the chief's concubines (Native Americans had a very patriarchal society) but she is still Disney's first American Princess.
Malacyne's picture

Who Cares!!! It's a STUPID

Who Cares!!! It's a STUPID CARTOON!!!! I'ts not real People!!!!! And i'm sooo damn tired of Chris Brown and his shit, why would anyone want to take a picture of him! He's a Woman Beater.
Cinnamon's picture

He is an Arab prince. Not

He is an Arab prince. Not Creole or Latin.
Kelly's picture

lmao if diz is true chris

lmao if diz is true chris crazii
luv_me_sum_CB's picture

Pocohantas was not an

Pocohantas was not an American Princess as she was born in 1595. America wasn't even a concept then and she as an Pohawtan Princess was 12 years old when she meet John Smith, was captured and sold into slavery the released only to be baptized as Rebecca and died married to a european in England. Not exactly the image Disney painted! Try Black Lagoon for a good Anime!
Just Nikki's picture

I don't know if it's already

I don't know if it's already been said (I haven't got the time to read over all the comments) but, Pocahontas was American wasn't she?
Ella's picture

Pocohantas was not an

Pocohantas was not an American Princess as she was born in 1595. America wasn't even a concept then and she as an Pohawtan Princess was 12 years old when she meet John Smith, was captured and sold into slavery the released only to be baptized as Rebecca and died married to a european in England. Not exactly the image Disney painted!
Just Nikki's picture

I think you're speaking of

I think you're speaking of Dr. Clark's 1940's test. In this test little girls from the 1940's (cultural context is important) were asked to choose between a white doll and a black doll. These children chose the white doll. These little girls went onto to describe the black dolls in a heartbreaking and negative fashion - an indication of how society reflected their worth back onto them. Black was worthless and being female was even moreso. Fast forward 60 years later and look at the images of 'black beauty' that is fascistly peddled by black people and the world at large. You're not black enough if you walk, talk, dress, think, act, dress, do your hair, like this...is a sad and twisted testament to what it means to be a black woman in America
Malacyne's picture

I understand your point in

I understand your point in the hopes that Disney would go all out with this movie, but I think most of us misunderstood and jump the gun with this movie, because we assumed it was going to be an all black production without waiting to see the final product and to me that is where the main problem lies. But I agree that the villain could have been of another race too if your going to branch out go all the way, but on the same note, other Disney movies had the villain that was the same race as the princess as well, i.e. Mulan, Jasmine, Arial, etc. I must say I don't have children, hell I' am a child myself 22 and from New Orleans, and I don't know if you are a parent so I' am trying to see the point of view as a parent.
BREE's picture

...but they're not white.

...but they're not white. The Europeans catagorized the Middle East as "white" to justify there historical fairtales of Bible charactors being of European decent. The people of the Middle East are the decendents of the indiginous Black people and the European invaders that conquered them repeatly. Kim Kardashian is half Armenian...just half yet she and her sisters complexions and features still hint at something else. There are only there "races" African, Asian, and European and middle eastern people aren't European, Nazi were not concerned with the Jews because of Religon, they speak of Race.
Just Nikki's picture

Sad thing is that Chris was

Sad thing is that Chris was THE NICKELODEON FAN BOY STAR - tweens of all races loved (past tense) him. The image that he built as being wholesome has now been dashed to bits. Chris has some serious issues and after his trial and justice is served, I hope he can get the help he deserves and speak out against the silent plague of the black community.
Malacyne's picture

I'm a bit uneasy with your

I'm a bit uneasy with your 4th paragraph. The census on IR pairing is correct but the logic was a little off for me. Disney makes a princess move targeted for little girls. White girls have: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel (and that's just Disney - let's not even talk about Dream works). That's a point of disconnect for me. Princess stories just don't work for boys they way they do for girls. Ask a boy if he wants to see Cars or the Frog Princess and I'm going to bet a serious case of Hater-aid, he says Cars. BM are VERY appealing to WW - your acknowledgment of the stats speak to this. Relationship dynamics & the media influence 101: look at all the media consumed by white people in which BM are uber masculine. I present every bm athlete, actor, artitst, corporate suit man, etc. Examine who these men are often seen with in the media - I submit LeBron James and Model Giselle - as proof that BM are very much encouraged and accepted far more so than BW.
Malacyne's picture

I hear a lot of what you

I hear a lot of what you said, but I do think young girls notice more then we give them credit for. Baby doll test for example. I believe another poster touched on that point. Regarding anime...well...in their eyes white is still right.
Soul Touch's picture

That sounds great but when

That sounds great but when you have over one million children in the foster care system and another high percentage of homeless teenagers. These populations are easily influenced by gangs, tv, music etc because they are looking for a place to belong. Therefore, it is our responsibility to do what we can to help change or alter the way media, tv, radio etc protray us. Everyone does not come from that ideal home. I think we are affected by what these children are exposed to in society, regardless if they are our relatives, strangers, neighbors etc.
sherry's picture

The same comment was made by

The same comment was made by Arabs about Jafar in Aladdin
Malacyne's picture

I agree that 'goodness' &

I agree that 'goodness' & beauty ideals are firmly rooted in the European white patriarchy. There are people of all minority races (black, asians especially) that think that white is always right. Look at the media that defines beauty (go on..I'll wait)- it's very white-washed. My question to you: now that you identified the problem do you: a) tear down the people who have been led to believe that an IR with a white person is akin to the second coming of Christ? or b) engage in progressive and constructive action that debunks the great white hype? Disclaimer: nothing wrong with IRR's that are honest and genuine. True love doesn't need a beat down.
Malacyne's picture

Damn, how come no one is ever

Damn, how come no one is ever satisfied. Just be glad they're branching out. Slow as heck but they're trying.
bane's picture

As a longtime Disney fan

As a longtime Disney fan (taking the good with the bad), I am excited that Disney studios ) not Pixar) hired some pen, ink and cell artists and returned to their roots. Disney is a business that deals in bringing fantasies to life. I could care less what color the prince is. It's a princess movie - it's targeted to little girls. Black little girls are going to see a princess who looks like them on the big screen. Children (thank the everlovin' God) do not seem to have the color hang-ups that adults develop. Disney has made some movies that just hurt my teeth (Song of the South & Fantasia). In Aladdin, Mulan, Pocohantas - all the racial minorities complained. Arabs complain about Jafar, Chinese people complained about the religion of ancestor worship, the native people complain about the true history of Pocohantas. Actually, Pocohantas is the first American Princess Disney not Tiana (sorry, girl). Disney is not going to get it right - let's face it, there's alot of white men at the helm but they are making the attempt. I think Disney will continue to make attempts like this. Now if we can get on those Japanese anime - now they are downright racist and misogynistic.
Malacyne's picture

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