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Tameka Raymond is determined to get the liposuction she damn near lost her life over last month. Apparently she's planning to go back under the knife to get hat tummy tuck and whatever else she thinks will make Usher pay more attention to her or something. An "insider" says: "It was the worst few days of Usher's life -- but now he's frightened to death all over again because Tameka insists she still wants the surgery. She wants to wait a couple of months, and then go through it again in the States. Tameka is still determined to get a full body makeover. Now Usher is desperately trying to convince her that she's beautiful just the way she is. He swears he'll be the one in the hospital if he has to go through the risk of another life and death battle with Tameka." The source is pretty shaky, but why do I believe this mess? And Ginuwine is addressing the rumors about his and LisaRaye's alleged affair:

Basically he said the rumors are full of B.S. and people took the fact he was shooting an intimate video with her and ran with it. He says he and Sole "went through it" after she read the rumors, but it's all good now because he's not leaving his wife for anybody. Plus his publicist told him about the bogus Mr. Chow story and he forgot to tell Sole about it. And he says it's a "long story" why he didn't tell Sole he chose LisaRaye as his female lead. WTF? On a side note--whose house is this and WTF Jamie Foster Brown??



Same ole G....:p

Same ole G....:p
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lmao they do.....with all

lmao they do.....with all those i dream of gennie curtians
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Go ahead Tameka do your

Go ahead Tameka do your surgery. Just be safer about this time. Let that be a lesson to everyone when the doctor recommends a certain time period to wait before surgery or sex listen to them! How many of us are guilty of not following doctors orders to a tee? In her case, it could have been fatal. But everyday most of us our killing ourselves slowly with fast food, overprocessed food, junk food, sodas, not enough exercise. Or not eating enough fruit, vegetables or drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. We all take chances with our lives, by either driving too fast, drinking and driving, driving while texting...hell some of ya'll might be reading this on your blackberry while driving right now! Let's not be so judgemental.
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Tameka, I was so proud of

Tameka, I was so proud of usher when he married you! Because you are a reflection of alot including me women. And I know, Im not ugly, and cant nobody tell me nothing to change that. Brown, light brown, and cute!
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I still don't think they had

I still don't think they had a affair. I think Ginuwine is telling the truth. Lisaraye could possibly be milking it a little bit for the extra exposure to keep her name out there, but all in all, i don't think it was nothing. But good for Sole for checking his ass about it! I know thats right Sole! LOL! Tamaka, if you suffered a heart attack on the damn surgery table, then why do it again? Get you a personal trainer and work that stomach out! Loose skin from multiple pregnancies is a bitch. but if your life is at freakin' risk, then why do it? Get some Spanx and go sit down somewhere!:)
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Tameka - I feel for

Tameka - I feel for her...majority of black blogging women are vicious towards her. How can her appeal as a woman not feel threatened if 8-10 women are talking about how ugly you are. Big up to Usher for attempting to show is wife that he sees her as beautiful...fuck everybody else. He chose YOU girl, that speaks volumes. Your body changed because you brought life into this world...accept yourself.
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Jamie Foster Brown is the

Jamie Foster Brown is the publisher of S2S magazine and I am a faithful subscriber, love her! I read somewhere that Ginuwine said Lisa Raye was trying to come on to him but he didn't bite.......I'm getting so tired of people critisizing Usher's wife, it's her body and his money so I could really care less. People keep talking about how ugly she is like Usher is attractive w/his Curious George looking ass! Get out of their bedroom, it's really none of our business and I really don't give a damn what she does w/her body and lot's of women get tummy tucks after childbirth!
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It's unfortunate about

It's unfortunate about Tameka. She is soo busy worrying about Usher instead of loving herself & caring for her kids. Tameka is trying to compete with the groupies & celebrity women and she shouldn't. Usher obviously married her for who she is and she needs to accept that. I would hate for her to have the surgery again and she doesn't make it out. It's not worth it. She needs to be there for her kids. Learn to love yourself and be the best woman U can in life. LUV Ginuwine. Glad he cleared up the rumors. Jaime - Fix your hair!! U got money; it's NO EXCUSE!!
Tamika's picture

OMG...Big ups to Ginuwine &

OMG...Big ups to Ginuwine & Sole for still being together. And Big Ups To G for sounding like a real husband & father, not some industry type who u know is trying to hit everything moving/ Man I know they have a house full of kids, but in this day& age I am almost shocked that they're still together. Go ahead guys. Also,I think Lisa Rae people were probably not at all displeased about that rumour out, it kinda gives her a new identity after all that Missick drama. As for Tameka, I never trust these 'sources', but the we can all gather that she went to have this operation originally which means she may be a little insecure in her relationship with Ush. I'm not a big fan of them as a couple, but I give props to Usher for having Black wife who he's trying to do right by. I guess all the negative comments and such would hurt anyone though. I'm a little shocked at how rough the Black community was on her, calling her a monkey in radio interviews & whatnot. Not even R Kelly or CHris Brown got clowned that much.
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Ginuwine (Gee) is full of

Ginuwine (Gee) is full of B.S.. But, he's still fine.... He know he should have told Sole.
Toot in STL's picture

something about my man G's

something about my man G's story sounds a little strange. i beleive him for the most part but there is something he's not telling us. maybe he and lisa had a thing in the past and his wife knows what kind of woman she is!!!!
milkchocolate's picture

In my opinion Usher is an

In my opinion Usher is an A**!!! It's obvious why Tameka feels the need to alter her appearance when her husband leaves her to go overseas and takes pictures with random half naked braods!!! I mean come on Usher!!! Get it together, I understand men will be men, but your wife just came out of a procedure that nearly killed her. And what do you do? Leave her at your with your two kids and however many other children she got, to go parade around and hang out with half naked women (pictures floating around the web). Jeesh, insensitive much???? Sometimes I wonder if men will ever get it!!!
Miss Thang's picture

WOOWWWWWWW why have i never

WOOWWWWWWW why have i never noticed it before til i seen this pic of them....TAMEKA LOOKS LIKE SHE COULD BE USHER'S OLDER BROTHER oooo snappppp! Why do I somehow believe though that Usher was probably the one putting down her self esteem though, probably telling her she's ugly and ish. If he could make a video about how ugly Christina Millian is..I know he's seen his wife..I'm just saying, there's potential for him to be ragging on his wife too. She's a damn fool if she gets surgery again though..I don't care whos driven her to go and get it. How dare you? You almost lost your life from jump street...you have children, stop being selfish. If you want to lose weight hit up the gym! I'm more convinced now than ever that she's getting surgery for something else and it ain't her face or her weight..it's down..down there lol
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There's a new hot song called

There's a new hot song called STretchy Pants...OMG this is hilarious!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prfoq00bG3Y STRETCHY PANTS....lmao....these dudes are serious too!!!!!
Gregory Winters's picture

OMG check this video out

OMG check this video out it's hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prfoq00bG3Y
Gregory Winters's picture

Again, Ginuwine is a FINE ass

Again, Ginuwine is a FINE ass man :)
HOTNESS's picture

Not to say that Tameka is

Not to say that Tameka is right for getting surgery, but sh*t, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Everybody and their mama hates on this girl, picks her apart and talks about how bad she looks (which she doesn't)...then people expect her not to have issues with her body! Just ridiculous...
But Wait...'s picture

Tameka don't do it. You've

Tameka don't do it. You've cheated death once so don't try it again. Tameka: Lord why did you take me away from my beautiful children, handsome husband and the wonderful life I had on earth? God: Tameka I gave you a chance and turned you away from the light, but 3 months later you went back under the knife. That's when I made up my mind to find Usher another wife, and your children a mother who would care for them as I intended. Now you can spend enternal life as their angel in heaven. Tameka: But heavenly father..... God: No Tameka! Go and think about the life you squandered on earth. Peter take her away.
Queen HoneyBee's picture

Great point!! I couldn't have

Great point!! I couldn't have said it any better!!
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HONEY's picture

Tameka...girl stop.

Tameka...girl stop. Ginuwine and LisaRaye, oh, puhleeze....
Chica's picture

Forget the rumor, I'm bad

Forget the rumor, I'm bad about the ugly lampshade.
Pretty Paige's picture

Why would you have to explain

Why would you have to explain something to your wife if you did nothing wrong? Hmmmm...Just sayin' (*side eye*)
SuperMa's picture

Tameka, people will always

Tameka, people will always call you older because that's what you are. Embrace it. You have a newborn to take care of. Stop being selfish.
fabulosity's picture

I empathize with her as well,

I empathize with her as well, but for a different reason. From jump, no one was necessarily "happy" about her marriage to Usher, including his mother and definitely his fans. She also did not get very much love from Black Women- her Sisters. Their comments ranged from, she's ugly, she's fat, she's too old for him, she's a baby mama, she too Black, etc. etc. etc. Celebrities read the internet just like we do. She's aware of how people feel about her and that has got to be hard. She's obviously insecure about her self and perhaps her marriage and is willing to risk her life in order to "look different.- not better. We already know that she isn't thinking of her self, but she also isn't thinking about her children nor her husband. Tameka needs some people in her life who love her and can snatch her coattail before she allows her insecurities to send her on to Glory the way Kanye's mother did.
devonne's picture

I feel sorry for her. Instead

I feel sorry for her. Instead of being thankful for her many blessings in life, she is focused on what she doesn't have--a flat tummy and a taut, lean look. She is a new mother and she hasn't given herself the time to tone up her body. Why risk her life and well being for an unnecessary, elective surgery? She is caught up in superficial stuff. Resist, Tameka, resist.
caroaber's picture

Man I hope this isn't true

Man I hope this isn't true about Tameka. I could never put myself under anybody's knife just to make myself "look better". If it's a life and death surgery, that's another story, but not cosmetic surgery. But that's just me. I can ALMOST understand why some celebrities feel they need to do it because they are selling themselves as a product. If I was a celebrity I still don't think I would do it myself, but as I said, I can almost understand. By the way, do men in hollywood go under the knife to "look better"? Just wondering. But anyway, Tameka is not a celebrity. She is only married to one. Why would she do that to herself especially after the near death experience that she almost had? And I agree with the previous poster that said sometimes these people only end up looking worse. I just don't understand. If it's true and Tameka is that insecure to lie to her husband and put her life at risk, AND to risk not being there for her children, it could very well backfire on her and drive Usher away. An unhealthy self-esteem can cause so many problems in a relationship. As I said, I hope that it isn't true.
Dee's picture

I believe the Tameka story.

I believe the Tameka story. She's an older woman with 5 kids trying to compete with the young groupies who throw themselves at her husband. Problem is, she doesn't see that Usher loves her for her. He fell for you the way you look and married you the way you look. I think she has body image issues, to be honest. Didn't watch to vid, but by Natasha's recap, it sounds like that "Sole left Ginuwine when she heard about the Lisa Raye rumors" rumor was true.
Southern Queen Dee's picture

*THE video, not to

*THE video, not to
Southern Queen Dee's picture

No kind of plastic surgery is

No kind of plastic surgery is gonna help Tameka so she might as well sit down somewhere & take care of all them damn kids she has. That's her fault for wanting to marry a sex symbol.....mama can't keep up with the "image". Sole needs to sit down somewhere..they have like 7 kids between the both of them, he ain't goin' no damn where. I think they only have two together. BLAH! Washed up!
Chan's picture

Um, why is a woman who can

Um, why is a woman who can hire a dietician and a personal trainer, with a nanny for each child so she can have time enough to work out on the same schedule as the sequestered contestants of The Biggest Loser trying to get liposuction anyway? Had she spent as much time on Kanye's Workout Plan as she's had to take to recover from the last time, she'da had her body back by now I bet.
MsDonnaGirl's picture

i like s2s... that until i

i like s2s... that until i got hip to ybf.... sorry jamie.... but i to answer ur ? natasha i think thats jamie's house i was watchin tv one time and i think thats her home....
ms 2200 aka lexi's picture

Damn I guess people are

Damn I guess people are willing to die for "Beauty"
Reese's picture

Well damn Tameka..did you not

Well damn Tameka..did you not just get the f'n picture. Its not meant for YOU to alter your body. Jesus. Learn already. Now see..I like Ginuwine..I mean its only natural for everybody to ASSume that him and Lisa Raye had something pop off but he's cleary adressing it and it sounds like Sole dug in that ass about it. He clearly said he ain't leaving his wife for NObody..I love it.
Staci's picture

He seems like the perfect

He seems like the perfect gentleman---------Oh I love him
lil-miss's picture

Isn't Sole really religious

Isn't Sole really religious now?
DatGirl's picture

Actually its not hating its a

Actually its not hating its a joke. Why do you people get on a gossip/blogsite and get mad when people make comments that you dont agree with or that you consider "hate"? Pull your skirt down and quit being so sensitive.
Gorgeous1's picture

Tameka is trying to keep with

Tameka is trying to keep with all the other chicks she constantly sees her husband with on the internet. She needs to love herself and not let a man dictate how she views herself. If the story is true of course...
TRS's picture

*keep up with*

*keep up with*
TRS's picture

Tammeka is a man who is

Tammeka is a man who is trying to become a woman for Usher....
Gorgeous1's picture

Jaime from Sister 2 Sister

Jaime from Sister 2 Sister has always been soulful. everytime i read an interview she conducts in her magazine i cringe because she does not sound like a professional journalist at all. and the clothes i see her wear, she looks like she shops at a bad second hand store
Stacy Holt 's picture

i hope that is not anyones

i hope that is not anyones actual house....with those good times looking decorations!!!
lea's picture

Tameka is pissing me off!!! I

Tameka is pissing me off!!! I have a feeling she feels she is not good enough for Usher. Thats why your man should not look better than YOU!

Will SOMEBODY please give the

Will SOMEBODY please give the Sister 2 Sister woman some coins so she can atleast buy a hot comb and some hair oil! Her head looks a mess! LMAO She looks like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz!!
DaysMyWord's picture

That man loves his

That man loves his wife.....awwww so cute. He is said his career ain't that important to leave Sole. Awwwwww BUT he better watch out for Lisa cause she is a sexy women and he could be tempted.
HOTNESS's picture

She needs to go ahead and do

She needs to go ahead and do the surgery, because if she don't Usher and I will be together LMAO, ok ok I'm joking but Why Tameka Why? I cannot understand why she wants to be all plastic. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Ne Ne's picture

someone has low

someone has low self-esteem......and Ginuwine is oh so fine!!!!!!!
MsC_3rd's picture

Tameka, do you realize that

Tameka, do you realize that ppl who get plastic surgery end up looking a hot mess...either now or later. Keep in NATURAL people...Natural is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Genuine and Lisa Raye...I hope thats not going on. Whatevas
lovely one's picture

Tameka...SMH! Ginuwine

Tameka...SMH! Ginuwine your so fine...but i gotta give you a *side eye* for not telling Sole about Lisa being ya lead lady..SMH!! and the bullshit excuse about it being a "long story"..damn shame!
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