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RUN IT: Tiny VS. Teairra Mari

Tiny first rocked this knee length, multi shades of purple, shimmery Herve Leger dress to the Grammys while on the arm of her man T.I. She paired it with silver chandelier shoes.  And Teairra Mari rocked the same dress with light purple buckled heels while performing at the 10th Annual Children Uniting Nations Academy Awards Gala Sunday night. So..




tiny rocked it..!!

tiny rocked it..!!
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...IMISSMYHBCU: I hate to

...IMISSMYHBCU: I hate to say it but Tiny
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Teairra Mari's hair is

Teairra Mari's hair is killing me. It's a retro-inspired do which I'm not feeling. Her shoes are hot though. I have to give it to Tiny for her overall look and for being with T.I.
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[quote comment="435014"]Tiny

[quote comment="435014"]Tiny gets it over Teairra, but in all honesty, Beyonce rocked it last November better than both them chicks: see here? http://tinyurl.com/hervelegeyonce Aplogy in advance to Tasha for link posting, but that's a pic, not a site![/quote] Thank you for somewhat redeeming this dress because I had a difficult time choosing one.
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Teairra Maire, most

Teairra Maire, most definitely, she looks lady like and Tiny looks skank like I mean hood-skank. I will agree that Tiny seems to fill the dress out better than Teairra, BUT ladies, we don't want to see your tatted up, over expose, boobage spilling out of your dress, do better!!!!! ATTENTION BLACK WOMEN, TATS ON THE TITS ARE HORRORENDIOUS!!!!! I don't care how well you can fill out a dress, those fully displayed tatted up breast scream GHETTO MENTALITY AND PROUD OF IT! I will not even go there with her hair,those red-orange colored tips, wtf?
BlaqCurrant's picture

Sorry but my standard answer

Sorry but my standard answer is "not Tiny". Always a little too rough.
imdone's picture

What....Tiny stepping up her

What....Tiny stepping up her game. I say Tiny, hands down..Do it gyul!!!
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Tearra rocked it in my

Tearra rocked it in my opinion. Tiny is just a little raunchy to me sorry
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Every pic I've seen of Tearra

Every pic I've seen of Tearra lately, she looks like a generic, cheesy, hot ass mess. If it's not her clothes looking a hot mess, it's her hair & vice versa. She needs to fire her sytlist and get a new one pronto!!!! Tiny takes this one BTW!!
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Tiny, its a good color for

Tiny, its a good color for her skin tone and she fills it out better.
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I say Tiny

I say Tiny
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neither ...womp womp

neither ...womp womp
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Tiny...(WOW I can't believe I

Tiny...(WOW I can't believe I just said that) This is the best I've "ever" seen her look. Luvs it!
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I almost never like anything

I almost never like anything Tiny wears but i have to say she killed it this time. Her tits weren't hangin out or nothing. She looked very nice for once.
MissRaininonuhoes!'s picture

Tiny ran it even with the

Tiny ran it even with the tatts. Teairra's shoes are awful and she needed to take the dress in a bit.
The Stylist's picture

Neither....Tiny is alwayz a

Neither....Tiny is alwayz a Hot Mess (aka trash) and Teairras looking kinda anorexic!
JLuVaLot's picture

Tiny wins hands-down! She

Tiny wins hands-down! She looks absokuttely FAB and her accessories were on point! Thank GOD she left the Rainbow Brote hair at home this time!
A.J.'s picture

I think that they both look

I think that they both look ok considering the risk in wearing that dress. But I would have to say Teairra's shoes and simply assesory choice complimented the dress nth times better than Tiny's payle$$ bogo specials.
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Odd is it may be... .Tiny?!

Odd is it may be... .Tiny?! I'm surprised at my own damn self! Teairra has ZERO curves and honestly it just fits Tiny's body better
Cutie C's picture

TINY! Her accessories, shoes,

TINY! Her accessories, shoes, and body look better!
mz.lady's picture

Nornally, I'm very critical

Nornally, I'm very critical of the fashion disaster known as Tiny but this time I'm going to have to give her best dressed with great hesitation because I still think she should have put some more glue on those heavy tits of hers before attempting to wear that dress.
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Ridingfinest's picture


Ridingfinest's picture


[quote comment="435255"][quote comment="435195"]Strike? LMAO! Get the f*ck out of here! You all know you will be lurking. SMH...[/quote] Just like your FIVE-headed ass...come on nah..get the f*uck outta here, smdh[/quote] Fuck you BITCH! See what I'm talking about? Shouldn't you be on strike DUMB ass?!?! LMAO..
jjj's picture

Of course Tiny Rocked it. She

Of course Tiny Rocked it. She still has it. Go Girl.
Tasha's picture

As much as it pains me to say

As much as it pains me to say this........I'm gonna have to say Tiny ran it.
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[quote comment="435052"]Tiny

[quote comment="435052"]Tiny - the other girl's boobs are a little too saggy for that dress[/quote] She needs to tape them suckers up. She doesn't even have kids and they are scrubbing the ground. Tsk Tsk! Fashion no-no! And her hair looks horrible too.
Lakeysha-please add a new server to the stimulus package's picture

Beyonce wore this 1st! She

Beyonce wore this 1st! She rocked it the best.
nikki's picture

Tiny! Tiny! Tiny! She looks

Tiny! Tiny! Tiny! She looks happy and she has the best accessory in T.I.!
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[quote comment="435002"]*gulp* I'm going to have...*gulp*...to say that...*gulp*... that Tiny ran it. Now I have to go brush my teeth and clean out my mouth for even saying such a thing.[/quote] LMFAO!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!
NY Seedy's picture

TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for

TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you girl!
M. DOT's picture

*Oh Lawd, smile down on

*Oh Lawd, smile down on me*.....I have to say...say...say...Tiny. Damn that hurt. Her and her store bought and baby made curves. TM's hair is horrible and the pic is dark as hell. It does help that Tiny is on the arm of fine azz TIP.
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Uh T.I. is ghetto as hell,

Uh T.I. is ghetto as hell, what you expect him to marry a lawyer or a doctor. He's a freaking rapper from the ghetto. Every ghetto trend has went mainstream, there were ladies with tatoos at the oscars, something that was unheard of and taboo a few years ago, now white girls are wearing weaves and trying to stairmaster a booty. Ghetto girls be you!!! all these chicks trying to clown will be scrambling to imitate your steelo as soon as some designer steals it and puts it in Vogue. Stress can make you look hard, stress of a new baby, your man going to jail. Funny how yall call her ugly but would drop your drawls for her sloppy seconds without hesitation.
blaq's picture

[quote comment="435078"]I say

[quote comment="435078"]I say Tiny ran it. I'm sorry to ask this question but why do so many people hate Tiny? She's TI's ride or die chick, he loves her, they have a happy home and she seems like a good mother. Ok so she does look like a ham in some pics...most pics. But I'm sorry most mothers look a hot ass mess because they wear sweats and throw their hair some kinda way. At least their children are well provided for and fed. So why exactly do so many people hate Tiny?[/quote] I think no one understands how T.I. with all the swag that he has associates himself with this hoodrat! But on a positive note, I think their relationship is sweet. He really parades her around, despite what everyone thinks about her. But to stay on topic, I think she ran it. *Sidenote: Natasha please fix the site! How else can I get my Chriannagate fix if the site won't load!?
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I vote neither, but Tiny does

I vote neither, but Tiny does fill it out better at the top.
Ebony's picture

Tiny absolutely looks better

Tiny absolutely looks better in the dress. Why is that so hard to say? You kids ( I hope you are not grown women, because you sure don't act as such)need to take some time to work on your self esteem, so you won't feel so OBLIGATED to tear others down. Tiny is fine the way she is. She is beautiful and if you don't believe me ask T. I...... the sexy, intelligent, hard working man that belongs to HER! Let's see what you look like in the dress before you try to knock someone else in it.!!!!
Lana's picture

For once, Tiny.

For once, Tiny.
Michelle's picture

Tiny? Arrgh!!

Tiny? Arrgh!!
Missp's picture

Tiny looked better &sadly

Tiny looked better &sadly that's not somethin that's said very often. I think that dress is made for high cleavage so it looks kindof plain on teira. Go tiny!
ms bliss's picture

Tiny for once lol

Tiny for once lol
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Tiny ran this ish!!! She

Tiny ran this ish!!! She looks nice.. That's a first!! I like the dress too. I might have to squeeze my preggo ass in it. Belly and all! LMAO
Lovely_N_Houston...It's A Boy...Due July 4, 2009's picture

Damn, I can't believe I'm

Damn, I can't believe I'm saying this...Tiny! Gheesh...I guess there's a first time for everything.
Can't Wait!'s picture

I hate to say it with Tiny

I hate to say it with Tiny being so ugly and all, but she ran it. TM lighting could have been better and she could have had a better hairstyle.
Natasha's picture

Surprisingly....Tiny I like

Surprisingly....Tiny I like her shoes better than T.Mari Not really feeling T.Mari's hair in comparison to Tiny's.
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[quote comment="435221"]tiny

[quote comment="435221"]tiny fills up the dress better.....popping out so many babies has rendered her uber-curvacious....however, she is such a hoodrat that i'm going to have to say teairra ran it[/quote] Aren't they both hoodrats? Teairra used to beat up girls at school until they bled, and Tiny for having 50 thousand babies with a man with no ring in sight. Oh,and how can I forget the most ghetto tattoos ever. Huge titty tat. Trash. Huge praying hand tat. Trash.
4 Real...'s picture

TINY. She single-handedly

TINY. She single-handedly killed that dress.
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