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Selita's New Man+Fashion Week Fab

Photog: Nick Hunt / PatrickMcMullan / Sipa
I know of a few ladies who are about to have to cut a chick.  Because Selita Ebanks' new man is cutie NY Giant Osi Umenyiora, and that's about to break a lot of chicks' hearts.  They just met weeks ago at a Knicks game and she's openly already calling him her "boyfriend"...so who knows how long this one will last.  Salt-N-Pepa hit up the front row at the Custo Barcelona show yesterday.  the new season of their show starts soon. Damien Fahey, his model girlfriend Grasie Mercedes, Tyson, and VIBE Fashion Director Memsor Kamarake sat front row too. Michael Knight made an appearance. So did Kerry Rhodes.
Photog: D. Arnoult
And dammit Fabo that V-Neck paisliness on your chest just killed the sex appeal. Kelly Rowland sat front row at the Tommy Hilfiger show: And who is this mystery man she brought along? Hot bag.
Photog: Wargo
And Pharrell was there too. Later Sandy and Cheryl had a "Special Messages" event:
Photog: Warner
And Sherri Saum came through looking like she just rolled her behind out of bed. And over at the Black Eyed Peas PeaPod charity event: Lil Jon was there. So was Corrine. Where you been Kid? And where the hell YOU been Hammer?
Photog: Vespa
YBF chick Nia Long came through too.  Chick still can do no wrong in my book.
Photog: E. Gologursky
Aisha Tyler was spotted front row at the Reem Acra show.
Photog: Kambouris
And Joy Bryant and Veronica Webb were both spotted at the Zac Posen show. The Randomness:
  1. Why would anybody pay $25 mill for Death Row Records?
  2. Christina Norman has officially resigned as President of  MTV Networks.



Selita is cute but I will

Selita is cute but I will agree with you that she doesn't have the fierce power on the runway. I was looking at the VS show from 2005 and Naomi and Tyra were on point. They move llike they own the runway and the room!!!
Yasume's picture

It is worth mentioning that

It is worth mentioning that the gentleman sitting next to Veronica Webb is the famed fashion and style director of Vanity Fair - Michael Roberts & next to him (not pictured) was Vogue's André Leon Talley. The front row of that Zac Posen show represented the strongest and most groundbreaking members of black success in American fashions history – the dynasty that broke all the doors open that we are now walking through, if only one by one. seeing them across the runway stands as one of the best moments for me this whole fashion week. meeting them and the photo i took with them after stands as one of the highlights of my life.
GVG's picture

[quote comment="34849"]Nia is

[quote comment="34849"]Nia is always gorgeous! Is that Memsor's hand on Tyson's leg? It is, isn't it?[/quote] I was thinking the same thing! It's ashy as all hell!
Edonis126's picture

All I have to say is "Cousin

All I have to say is "Cousin It" oops I mean Peppa, needs to take the hair volume down about 10 notches....not a good look and somebody please tell Kelly Rowland to discard the Black Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick hat..Not the ish....
Nyla's picture

[quote comment="34860"][quote

[quote comment="34860"][quote comment="34843"]---Kelly looks umm....*YUCK* ---Salt always looks good and Pep always looks like she is trying to hard... ---Nia and Joy look fab as usual... ---Dang Kid fell on some serious rough times...smh...where's Play?[/quote] Didn't Play die from cancer about 8 or 9 years ago? Or is that some other childhood star I am thinking about?[/quote] No, Play did not die of cancer. He is a born again Christian. You are thinking about the brown skinned one from Kriss Kross. Still don't know if that is true.
naomi-grace's picture

nia long is still fly as

nia long is still fly as hell...i absolutely loves her
tmoney's picture

Natasha, congrats! You just

Natasha, congrats! You just helped make Omarosa relevant for 5 more minutes.... Can't wait to read your new post!
ybfreader's picture

Damn yall act like the woman

Damn yall act like the woman looks like Grace jones or something! I've seen the pic and I expected some busted ass lady. She's just a Big girl not ugly at all to me. And when she talks about celebs it's the truth so?
ReBeL's picture

[quote comment="35148"]I

[quote comment="35148"]I don't care what Natasha looks like, the girl is handling her business. Perez's fat ass is constantly criticizing people and nobody says anything about him. Support your black women.[/quote] AMEN to THAT!!! If you don't like Natasha or the site then BOUNCE!!! Ya'll haters probably be jammin' the site up and keepin' me from loggin' on when I am at work anyhow...Get ta' steppin', there are plenty of other damn sites 4 ya'll double crossin' a$$es to peep at...
deLis's picture

I don't care what Natasha

I don't care what Natasha looks like, the girl is handling her business. Perez's fat ass is constantly criticizing people and nobody says anything about him. Support your black women.
Take Heed's picture

Watching "E" and the Red

Watching "E" and the Red Carpet pre show before the Grammys. It amazes me how ppl can sing and sound American, i e RhiRhi, Celine Deon. When they speak they do have an accent. I am sure Natasha will have lots of pics to make our Monday work day go by much more enjoyable.
Mary's picture


NNAMDY's picture

Natasha does not look bad at

Natasha does not look bad at all! she is a curvy girl. Dat toya chick made it seem like natasha is the most busted thing ever. I dont think she looks bad @ all!
miss's picture

Well Nia Long is always so

Well Nia Long is always so gorgeous! Now I know that there are some who believe that Tyson Beckford isn't gay...well the picture above speaks a thousand words of confirmation to me!
Natasha's picture

Damn did Natasha quit? LMAO

Damn did Natasha quit? LMAO
ReBeL's picture

Do they get Free gifts at the

Do they get Free gifts at the gifting booths. Does anyone know?
MeMe's picture

some of the women on this

some of the women on this site need to get a life and stop posting negative comments about people you don't know
sole''s picture

[quote comment="34903"]Janice

[quote comment="34903"]Janice Dickerson is the name and yeah she is one of her models in her Latin Division...I remember that episode...[/quote] LMAO...how can try to be a smart ass and still screw up JANICE DICKENSON's name?
bluecandygurl14's picture

Is it just me, or does Pepa

Is it just me, or does Pepa look like she hasnt really aged much, while Salt looks like she's "Pushin" 40? And back in the day I always looked at Salt as the cute one Kelly is always a cutie pie. And can someone please tell me if the guy next to Tyson is his secret lover...lol Awwh come on, I know everyone's heard the rumors that he's gay, or bi or whatever.
MsBabydoll's picture

Salt...Sandy...whateva the

Salt...Sandy...whateva the hell ya name is...ima need ya to upgrade ya weave...idk if it's you or the hair...whateva it is ya should've fixed it before you and ya gurl kicked it in the front row...now...it's too late and you look like a hot mess...
bluecandygurl14's picture


[quote comment="35093"]Woooooow! It is unfortunate that all of you Natasha haters are eating in her kitchen then shitting on her floor...really.[/quote] Amen...It's funny tho how she's not saying anythig and they're still getting checked...lol
supachoklit's picture

LIKE WHOA! Ok so maybe I have

LIKE WHOA! Ok so maybe I have been busy ordering the slaves at work -oops, my employees- around, but when did Nick and Selita (she would make me cum twice in 10 minutes) break up? ----> Memsor is not a fashion editor that's Tyson's boyfriend, those homos can't hide it, body language tells all. Go get that darkling Damien because I've been taking all of your white chicks and was starting to feel bad, my pollution of the gene pool shall continue. -------> Nothing is wrong with Fabo rocking the brown V-Neck gay guy shirt, he was already wrong for wearing all brown to begin with.. fags love the brown stuff so the brown v-neck compliments the gayness of the outfit perfectly.. goooo shitdicks. ---------> Damn Nia long is looking mighty fine, fine as in take your clothes off and lay on my fine silk sheets already.. she really can do no wrong, but spill any of that jizz on my sheets and I would do her wrong. ------------> Wow Aisha Tyler looks identical to my wifey, the only difference is that my wifey is a real black chick so she has an ass.. poor Aisha.. God must have hated her because he withdrew her ass.
MajorKnuckles's picture

Woooooow! It is unfortunate

Woooooow! It is unfortunate that all of you Natasha haters are eating in her kitchen then shitting on her floor...really.
T's picture

Osi is a real whore; so

Osi is a real whore; so Selita be careful
tash's picture

wtf!!! Osi Umenyiora was

wtf!!! Osi Umenyiora was single??!!! if i knew i would have tried to hola ...lol Go Giants!!
Amber's picture

the image and video have been

the image and video have been removed :o
scarlit's picture


scarlit's picture

NO! He'll boo-boo on you,

NO! He'll boo-boo on you, Selita. Everybody looked cute except Fabo. I see you Jackson 5. hairsmystory
LeAnne's picture

Ok where did these Osi rumors

Ok where did these Osi rumors come from? LOL I never heard of them!!! And yall can say whatever about Natasha but the woman is funny as hell! That's why I stay on here.
ReBeL's picture

I used to have the biggest

I used to have the biggest crush on Pharrell but all of a sudden he just became very unatrractive to me....sometimes he looks almost alien-like.
Arianna's picture

[quote comment="34956"]Women

[quote comment="34956"]Women wrote: nikkifromtheboogie- How do you know Jenny use to sleep around and thats why she could’nt have kids?? Were you there? You must know her personally. You can tell she use to sleep around how many times was she married like 5X, how many rebound relationships did she have like another 15 Ex: Puffy and Ben, Plus Jamie Fox was on in Living Color with her and and in one of his standup routines he said back in those days she was know as JHO, cmon she’s had alot alot of men publicly imagine all the men she ran through that we don’t know about, I’m telling you I know what i’m talking about. Update on JLo preggers, she is not pregnat thats a body suit and she's taking steroids she couldn't get pregnant for the longest then all a sudden she pregnant wi/twins j-lo is soooooooo fat i can’t believe how much like a cow she looks. why would show up in the same place as p-diddy she is sooo not pregnant she has a surrogate because they are pointing at her belly then only she is touching it. this is a scam for all of you who say she is pretty wake up and start celebrating your own women. and why is wacked farrell sitting with lucy lu he gets under my nerves.[/quote] Are you for real. She looks pregnant to me. As far as showing up at the same place as p-diddy, It is a small world and even smaller in La La Land. Have u never ran into a ex at the same place? Someone forgot to take their meds. BTW u only mentioned 3 men she slept with. Yes, this is her 3rd marriage, so what. She is 38 years old. How many ppl have u slept with and what is in your wallet? I hope a condom, ppl like you should not reproduce.
Tina's picture

- Wow, just browsed a few

- Wow, just browsed a few posts. Why all the hate for the owner of this "-ish"? - I guess it's true what they say. If they are talking about you, you MUST be doing something right. - And J.Scott just put this kind of jealousy to song this year "...You can try as you may, break me down but I say, that it ain't up to you, go on and do what you do. Hate on me haters, now or later, 'cuz I'm gonna do me, you'll be mad, baby..." - {and I can 'sang' too, so I'm having a field-day typing out this Jill Scott -ish, while I sing it to the haters out there. hahahaha} - I agree, keep your head up Natasha and keep it movin' (but I know you've got that covered)
Tupelo Honey's picture

- Good post. Like all the

- Good post. Like all the pics of celebs you haven't seen in a while - Selita and Osi look good together. I'm starting to see more African brothas in pro sports, mainly American football. Osi's last name is Nigerian but I think he was born in London & raised in US. At least the Nigerian brothas are still giving sistas some love. My ex is Nigerian, but damn!! he didn't look like that :-) They look happy together in the photo, which is great to see. They're still relatively young, so hopefully they enjoy one another and build a great friendship and foundation for anything more to come.
Tupelo Honey's picture

All this talk and i'm

All this talk and i'm surprised nobody talked about why PEPPA'S shoes look like they are made out of hay or a brown paper bag. I'm sorry, those boots are NOT the bizness.... As far as Selita, she looks like a nice person and in her interviews she comes across that way so I wish her the best....HOWEVER, i'm sorry to me she is not FIERCE, there is something there that is lacking. When Tyra Banks and Niamoi Cambell walk the catwalk, they kill it and there is certainly something about them that seperates them from everyone else. But Selita just blends in with everyone else...not the bizness. And if thats her man, he's cute but he scares me. LMAO!! I don't like some football players body types, with them big ol' necks. And I didn't know Damien (from TRL) had a black girlfriend...shut up!! I love Kelly, but that hat....not the bizness.
Anon's picture

[quote comment="34865"]Why

[quote comment="34865"]Why all the selita buzz, am i the only one who thinks she looks like a starving grasshopper? Veronica webb is not right. she needs to come see this picture[/quote] you know what...i think she's gorgeous (i wish i had her long ass legs!) but i gotta agree with you. something about her reminds me of an insect too...i never could pinpoint what she reminded me of until now. but i'm sooo glad she got away from nick cannon. he tried to lock her down with that public proposal! i guess she was just being polite for stickn around so long.
fleeesh's picture

i'm one of them chicks that

i'm one of them chicks that is hella mad that selita is now dating hot.to.deaf osi... damn, what do i gotta do out here to get a hold of that? i wear the VS daily, but i guess i need to be on a catwalk somewhere so everyone can see it..
pam's picture

To This Is Me- The dude from

To This Is Me- The dude from Kris Kross is still alive and he lives in Atlanta. I also heard that he was sick years ago, but he has since recovered. Last I heard he and the other Chris were producing at a local studio in Atlanta. One may think he's passed on because he's not on the scene at all...
misswrite04's picture

Nia's gorgeous!! So proud of

Nia's gorgeous!! So proud of her after all this time! Do it Nia!!
Tiffany's picture

[quote comment="34844"]I have

[quote comment="34844"]I have a question, does anyone know what the host natasha looks like?[/quote] I seen her on BET the 5 you know that cony ass show used to come on before
Amber's picture

[quote comment="34965"]On

[quote comment="34965"]On another note, why is everyone talking about Natasha all of sudden? How are yall gonna come to her site and then roast her? Thats effed up. Thats like disrespecting someone in their own house. Even if yall dont like the way she look, we all love her website. And MOST of us hide behind a computer screen and talk mess about celebrities too. So whats the big deal??!![/quote] Dido. Jealousy honestly. She could look like Bobby Brown but guess what, she keeps ya'll coming back faithfully multitimes during the day! please stop this madness!
SHABON84's picture

Salt's trench and platforms

Salt's trench and platforms are hot! Kelly looks cute sans the hat. Joy Bryant looks like one of my friends...so cute.
babyd0ll's picture

Why doesnt joy bryant ever

Why doesnt joy bryant ever put some water and grease and a scarf to flatten and smoothe those edges? im far from a celebrity and I ALWAYS make sure my baby hair is cute, soft and matches the rest of the texture of my hair.it doesnt cost money to do all that, sheesh
Christina_keys's picture

[quote comment="34999"]I

[quote comment="34999"]I couldn't put my finger on why Veronica looked so weird until someone mentioned it. SHE DOES NEED TO EAT. She looks horrible. And yes she looks like she's about to pass out.[/quote] What? she does not look horrible! she look betta than u, thats for sure! ha! plus her hair and skin is flawless
Christina_keys's picture

[quote comment="34844"]I have

[quote comment="34844"]I have a question, does anyone know what the host natasha looks like?[/quote] Yah, i saw a pic of her in the last publsihed issue of Vibe Vixen last summer. They did an article on YBF and her entrepreneurship. She is mos def a C.G.U., nice dark skin. She had on like bright makeup in the photo i saw her in, but ya know she a cool black woman. I dont care how she look tho cuz that girl is a fly ass business women-props.
Christina_keys's picture

-go head selita..i aint mad

-go head selita..i aint mad atcha. a big ass upgrade from Nick cannon. -and if anybody from the Giants i can go after..it would be that man PLEXICO..yes ladies with the goatee and all..lol. -and Pharrell, if i didn't look at yo shirt closely..i would think that you had a DUNKIN' DONUTS employee shirt on..im jus sayin.
Cha's picture

Hello!? That thing stabbin'

Hello!? That thing stabbin' you in your neck Veronica Webb is your collar bone - yuckies.
Fablife2008's picture

[quote comment="34852"]Selita

[quote comment="34852"]Selita can have Osi [hard to pronounce last name] bacause he is lookin' a little SUSPECT. The untrained surgeon that did Peppa's nose job needs to get SLAPPED. The whole "Michael Jackson" look just ruined it for her. Ruined. Speaking of the name [Michael] ... Why does Mr. Knight always look FRIED. Put the pipe down, man. Put it doooown. To FABO...wtf? What in the Martha Stewart Bronze Collection do you have on sir? That is NOT the business. The shades, the yellow diamonds and your lipgloss does NOT help either. Get it together. Kelly...you have on too much makeup. LESS is always more. Pharrell is the ONLY dude who can pull of this hot neon pink look and still be sexy. Yeah um, Lil' John should stop promoting that spit water he calls an energy drink. That stuff tastes EXACTLY like his dreadlocks. Pure funk. Neeeext. Hammer should get all of his suits tailored because the whole "shoulder padded XXXXL" suit thing ain't workin. Nia needs to spill on her skin secrets. Chicks skin is damn near flawless. And last but NOT least... Am I thee ONLY one who thinks Joy Bryant & Veronica Webb both look like a coupla crackheads??? Just sayin'...[/quote] HAHAHAHAAH...you took all of the words out of my mouth....but i must add that Joy Brynt always makes...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz me fall asleep in between writing and hating. she is SO BORING and that broccoli floret hair line has to go.
Dria's picture

selita nooooo!! and i didnt

selita nooooo!! and i didnt know damien was dating a sista! good on him
Mila T's picture

I couldn't put my finger on

I couldn't put my finger on why Veronica looked so weird until someone mentioned it. SHE DOES NEED TO EAT. She looks horrible. And yes she looks like she's about to pass out.
Dee's picture

For beautiful skin, try the

For beautiful skin, try the natural way. Drink water. If you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water first. Over time build up to 8 glasses of water. I started drinking water and started noticing that my skin was clear and soft. Oh yeah, there WILL be frequent trips to the bathroom. :) And to keep with the post...Fabo, Thanks for my laugh for the day.
NSite's picture

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